Abhishek weds Surangma

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B.Tech in CSE from IIT Dhanbad. Working as Sr. Software Engineer at Sirion Labs, Gurgaon

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MBA in Human Resource from Banasthali University. Working as HR Manager in Gurgaon

About my family

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The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or temple or synagogue. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.

This day for us is special. A time beyond compare. The joy we feel deep in our hearts. We hope you will come and share your presence there with us. Please try to be there to celebrate this special day.

Abhishek and Surangma

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Abhishek's Family

Ganesh Pd Adhir

Abhi's Father

Nirmala Devi

Abhi's Mother

Surangma's Family

Rajiv Vashishtha

Surangma's Father

Vandana Vashishtha

Surangma's Mother

Our true love story

Wedding is that point in time of your life where you relish to go back in time and revisit the moments that we treasured together. We would like to share some of these precious flashes with you so that you can also share the joy that this wedding brings to us. We have lived apart, worked apart but life has conspired a way to bring us together as we were meant to be. As most of the stories start we met and we clicked. Most beautiful time of our lives started!

We spent time together, we appreciated each other’s company, we dated and without knowing we were in LOVE! As each relationship goes through its own sine curve we went through our hard times. We had split for a time and the realization dawned on us that the life is not easy without each other. We started to find reasons to see other again and it did not take time for us to realize that we need to go through these phases to mature our relationship.

Sur and I travelled together to numerous places and our biggest surprise was that we even enjoyed DELHI as a tourist when we had each other’s company. We both work in NCR. Jaipur had its own charm with old historical romanticism and Sur was able to find her heaven in arts and crafts that are heart of this city. What brought us further close was Udaipur and Mount Abu chronicles that we scripted last summer? We wish to share many millions more of such moments and create memories that will last us a lifetime. So here we are announcing to you our love for each other and our impending wedding in Feb 2016.

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